Disappearance Effects and Assembly Definition Files - v1.3.0

Disappearance Effects & Assemblies Update:

- Added: Disappearance Effects, which let you dynamically hide letters from both Left to Right and Right to Left, contain different personalization options and more.
- Added: Assembly Definition Files
- Added: Modifiers for Appearance and Disappearance effects
- Improved: Fallback/default effects now support modifiers as well
- Bugfix: Closing TMPro tags of one character inside TextAnimator effects is now elaborated correctly
- Bugfix: IndexOutOfRange exception thrown for some invalid characters or fonts
- Bugfix: Effects index shifted in appended texts in case the previous text had TMPro tags
- Bugfix: Events weren't case sensitive - Bugfix: [WebGL] throwing unrepresented number error
- Bugfix: text showing for one frame if its gameobject was initially deactivated

Full changelog in the documentation.

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