Documentation, Inspector and Typewriter Enhancements - Version 1.2.7

New version!

Documentation, Inspector and Typewriter Enhancements

Main Changes:
- The typewriter can now display more characters per frame.
- The documentation, its roadmap and the support form have been improved and are now all hosted on a new dedicated website.
- Improved the Inspector for the following components: “TextAnimator” “TextAnimatorPlayer” (including base class), “Global Data” scriptable object.

Other Changes
- Added: Methods for starting or stopping the typewriter
- Added: Option to disable appearance/behavior effects for all TextAnimators.

Api Changes
- Improved: Custom Actions API [if you created custom actions, please read the updating guide].
- Change: TextAnimator.cs, “hasActions” boolean is now internal.

Minor Changes:
- Added: You can now decide from which methods automatically start the typewriter (“show text” “on enable” etc.)
- General: typewriter minimum delay has been lowered to 0.0001.

You can read the full changelog here.

Have a lovely day!

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